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The Dauphin and District Snowmobile Club is a volunteer-based snowmobile organization for Dauphin and surrounding area. We develop, maintain, and groom 300 km+ of designated trail. Consider becoming a member to help strengthen the sport of snowmobiling in the area.

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With the entire province in the RED Critical level due to COVID-19, the Orders under The Public Health Act came into effect at 12:01am on November 12, 2020 and remain in effect until 11:59pm on December 11, 2020.


Section 10(2) of the Orders state:

            Outdoor recreational activities such as cross-country skiing, running and snowmobiling may take place while these Orders are in effect, as long as all participants maintain a separation of at least two metres from each other.


Section 10(3) of the Orders state:

            Dressing rooms, warming shacks and other indoor facilities associated with outdoor sporting and recreational activities must be closed while these Orders are in effect.


The Dauphin and District Snowmobile Club would like to extend a huge congratulation to Jesse Shuttleworth on being elected President of the Snoman Snow Scooters Youth Club.  The Snow Scooters is an U18 snowmobile club with a focus on getting Manitoba youth involved in snowmobiling.  The club was formed in November, 2017 and consists of members from various locations across the province.  The Snow Scooters are hoping to make a difference by providing a voice for youth on issues that matter relating to the sport of snowmobiling.  Any youth who are interested and would like more information can email Shuttleworth at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow the Snoman Snow Scooter Facebook page.

Check out our newest warm up shelter located at GPS location N 51⁰ 08.000,  W 100⁰ 11.405

This shelter is made possible by the following donors:

  • McMunn and Yates Building Supplies (supplied materials and donated cabinets and paint)
  • Timberfab Industries (donated rafters and counter top)
  • Warren Edwards Plumbing and Heating (supplied and installed chimney)
  • Korotash Electric (supplied wiring and installed lights)
  • Garry Roloff Construction and staff (built shelter)
  • Hank Nykiforuk Painting (interior painting)
  • Cam Chute (building mover)
  • Darren Genik - Parkland Glass (signage)
  • Stan Burdeniuk (donated wall insulation and concrete pads)
  • Parkland Yamaha (donated LED lights)
  • Dauphin and District Snowmobile Club Volunteers
  • Snowman Inc.
  • The Dauphin and District Community Foundation
  • Community Futures Parkland

Special thanks to landowner Garry Sulatyski for allowing the shelter to be placed on his property.

Dauphin snowmobile club memberships are now available for $20 and are available at the following businesses:  Parkland Sport and Marine and Reit-Syd equipment.

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